Dreams & Hearing Gods Voice

  • 🔖 Dreams & Hearing Gods Voice – There is always something to celebrate
  • 👤 Amy und Mal Calladine​
  • 📆 Dienstag, 01.08.2017, ⌚ 14:30- 16:00
  • 🎤 Übersetzung durch Daniel Oesterle
  • 📍 Blankensteinschule, Steinheim an der Murr

“In my most recent dream there was a woman in a cowsuit attacking people with milk… and a secret hidden room that could only be accessed with a music box… Does this mean anything or is it my subconscious having fun?! Come to find out if your dreams have meaning, some tools to interpret them, and if this is one of the ways God still speaks today…”