Generosity and Crazy Hope

  • 🔖 Generosity and Crazy Hope
  • 👤 Mal Calladine
  • 📆 Donnerstag, 03.08.2017, ⌚ 14:30- 16:00
  • 🎤 Übersetzung durch Daniel Oesterle
  • 📍 Seminarraum 2, Blankensteinschule, Steinheim an der Murr

A time to unpack & apply two linked biblical themes which really are Good News! Getting hope & being generous! Romans 5.3 points to the goal of discipleship being more than having good character. If we are really good news in a depressed world, we should be the most hopeful people in the room… and generosity is the number one way other people notice if we are Good News or not! So how do we get motivated to be in that place? So bring your itches, your pain, your challenges, your questions, your hassles, your ideas & your dreams; and lets get down and dirty in the dilemmas of the day!