Thanksgiving and Celebrations

  • 🔖 Thanksgiving & Celebration – There is always something to celebrate
  • 👤 Mal Calladine from Severn Vineyard, Bristol
  • 📆 Montag, 31.07.2017, ⌚ 16:00- 17:30
  • 🎤 Übersetzung durch Daniel Oesterle
  • 📍 Seminarraum 1, Blankensteinschule, Steinheim an der Murr

A practical Seminar about your home life… principles, practices & ideas for the journey… through different stages of family & household life. We’ll encourage you to work towards your own unique plan in a range of areas, including: household rhythms; creating celebrations all through the year, being spiritual together, & marking rights of passage. These principles can work for shared households & students as well as families at all stages – its for anyone who wants to invest in their household – to make what’s good, great!

Übersetzung durch Daniel Oesterle